How to order

How to order in this e-shop?


to find the right part you can use:

  • Categories in in the upper yellow menu:

    žluté menu 

  • Categories of signpost "Favorite Categories" on the homepage or

    HP menu 

  • quick search if you know the order number or the name of product


    If you know only the part of the name or the order number our "whisperer" advices you possible results:


    Before your purchase there is not necessary to register, but the registration brings to you many benefits. More about Registration you can find in our Blog.

    You can display the results in the format "table":


    or in the format "list":


    Spare parts are divided into the groups according to theire place in the vehicle. For some models of Multicar we have also the drawing where the place of spare part in the vehicle is displayed. You will find it at each group of spare parts for the particular model.
    If you do not find the spare part do not hesitate to contact us. Our operators are ready to help you.
  • Add your chosen product by clicking on the button "INTO THE CART" directly from the list of products. In this case you enter 1 pc into your cart. You can change the number of products in the cart then.


  • or you can add the chosen product into your cart from the product detail. Here you can also choose the number of pieces:


You can always change the number of products in your cart. You can watch the total amount of the content of your cart in the right upper conner:  



You can change the content of the cart and the number of products until you send out your order. All these activities are not binding.  

In the next step input your address and also the address where you want to deliver the goods if it is different:


Register or fill in the details in th form if you prefer the purchase without registration: 


In the next step choose the method of the delivery and the way of payment: 


You can choose the way of delivery which you prefer or which is available regarding to the nature of the goods and conditions of the transport service.

The goods is sent out in packages up to maximal weight according to the terms of particular transport service. If the total weight of your order is higher than the limit, there is necessary to pack the goods into more packages which will be charged separately.

If the goods has to be packed separatly (the nature of the goods needs it - the goods is too large or fragile), we will charge to you only the number of packages which is coresponds with the total weight of your ordered goods.

For exemple:

You ordered the goods with the total weight of 48 kg and you chose the DPD transport service. So the goods will be packet into two packages because the limit for one package of DPD is 35 kg. We will charge to you 2 packages. Your order contents the goods which must be packed separately. So the goods will be packed into three packages. We will charge to you only 2 packages.

When you click on the button "ORDER" your order will be sent out to us (seller) and the notification about the new order will come also to your e-mail (the e-mail address you indicated in the order form). If you are registered and logged in you can find the new order also in your account in the list of orders. If you are registered and logged in, you can enter into your account clicking the button with your username:

přehled objednávek

In your account you can edit your delivery addresses, change the password and see the list of your orderes which you realized through our e-shop.

Once the orders are processed, you can also monitor here the list of issued invoices.

You will be automatically informed about the details of delivery on your e-mail address eventual you will be contacted by e-mail or phone by our operator. 

If you have any question do not hesitate to contact us on the mobile phone +420 777 700 600 or by e-mail on