About us

Auto SAS Ltd. and SASPARTS, its department of spare parts


The company Auto SAS Ltd. works in the area of municipial and material handling equipment and spare parts for this area more than 25 years. 

Our main goal is to be as nearer to you as possible. We are working hardly to offer you a wide range of spare parts for your machines.

You can choose spare parts in our e-shop 24 hours and 7 days a week. You can consult your choice with our operators by e-mail or phone, if you are not sure. Sometimes it could be difficult to tip the right spare parts.

Our operators are ready to help you to find the best solution for your machine. To be able to help you we will need these information:

  • what you are looking for
  • which model you have got
  • what the VIN code or serial number of your machine is
  • and when your machine was produced (year of manufacture)

Our offer range consists from:

  • Spare parts for municipal vehicles of MULTICAR 
    Multicar M24, Multicar M25, Multicar M26, Multicar M27, Multicar M30 Fumo or Multicar M31, so for all models of the vehicles Multicar

    Spare parts for vehicles of MULTICAR are available in sections. For models Multicar M25 and M26 there are available also drawings of general groups - brakes, hydraulics, cabine, clutch, control, engine, transmission etc.

    You can find here batteries, body sidewalls, steering wheels, particular parts of electroinstallation, fuel gauges, brake shoes, leaf springs, cabine upholsters, windshields etc. 
  • Spare parts for cleaning machines of HAKO
    Here you can find spare parts for cleaning machines, sweeping or scrubbing.
  • Accessories 
    There are superstructures for municipal equipment like snow ploughs, salt spreaders, brushes etc.
  • Hand pallet trucks
    kamenná prodejna

Why to purchase in our e-shop?

  • wide offer range (we have more than 3000 items in our stock)
  • high quality of spare parts
  • certified Quality Management System (acc. to ISO 9001:2008)
  • good prices thanks to cooperation with spare parts manufacturers 
  • short delivery timee


Our own photos of goods.

So you can be sure what you purchase.

In our e-shop we use photos of products which we took in our stock. For this moment it couldd be aroudn 20 thousands items.  We took photo of each item so every item of our e-shop we had or have on our stock. If some item is not available, contact us! We are ready to order it at our supplier. The delivery time is around 2 or 5 days. We will inform you about the date of delivery.

You can be sure that we know how the product looks like, what are its dimensions, how much does it weight or from which material is produced. Simply we know what we sell.  

Guarantee of goods in stock.

We update the info about availability of goods regularly.

All  items are regularly updated so the risk the goods which is marked as "on stock" is not available is minimal. In our e-shop  "on stock" means the item is physically on our stock. The probability you order the same item together with other customer in one moment is very small but if it is come we are ready to solve it very quickly.

Deliveries till 24 hours.

The goods marked as "on stock" we are ready to distribute in 24 hours. The real delivery time depends on the chosen delivery service.

If the goods is not available, don't be afraid. Our operators will find it and deliver in the fastest possible date, usually in 2 / 5 days. 

We are ready to advise you with your purchase.

Our operators are skillful and know their job. They are ready to help you to choose the right spare part for your machine.

The team SASPARTS consist from trained specialists who love their job. Every day they are ready to help you. So you can contact them on the phone number or by e-mail. They advise you with the choose.