Where can I find the VIN code?

VIN code is possible to find at several locations. It is stamped, at least once, to the vehicle body or to the support frame. Location of the VIN code, however, may vary by model.

VIN code you can find:

  • in vehicle documents (small and large technical certificate, insurance, green-card, service book)
  • stamped into the body of vehicle – location could be different not only by manufacturer, but also within one serie

Tips for finding:

  • on the right side in the driving direction under the windshield
  • stamped on the dividing partition wall of the engine compartment
  • stamped on the upper rim of the wheel arch in the engine compartment
  • stamped on the holder of the front right spring and damping unit in the engine compartment
  • at the type label on the tunel above the floor at passenger's side 
  • on the upper surface of the right longitudinal beam of chassis under the cab, about 20 cm from the front bumper
  • at the type label on the back of the cabin above the right wheel

Multicar M26

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Multicar M27, M30 Fumo

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