What should I do when I am not sure which spare part to order?

Don't worry. Our qualified staff is here for you. For an identification of the correct spare part you have to know some basic information, which our operator will ask you for.

For quick identification our operator will ask you for these basic informations:

  • a brand of your vehicle or machine, e.g. Multicar M25, M26, Hako Jonas 1700 etc.
  • VIN code (Vehicle identification number) or serial number (you can find it in vehicle documents, on the type label which is placed on the vehicle or imprinted in the engine area of the vehicle)
  • the year of manufacture of your vehicle or machine

Vehicles Multicar M25

The situation is quite easy in the area of spare parts for Multicar M25. Each group of spare parts is very well organized and most of them is ranked and shot according their place in the vehicle.

Thanks to this it is easy to find out the relevant category and study attached drawings. If you are still not sure, contact our operators.

Before contact prepare these things:

  • VIN code (serial number) of your vehicle,
  • the year of manufacture
  • number of driving axles, so if it is 4x2 or 4x4.

Vehicles Multicar M26, M30 Fumo, M27 a M31

The situation of models of newer series - Multicar M26, Multicar M30 Fumo, Multicar M27 and Multicar M31 is more complicated. Every model is different not only among production series but also within one serie. So we need more information about your vehicle to know what kind of spare part would be convenient for your vehicle.

And what information?
Go through following links and you will know what kind of information you need to identify your correct spare part:

GearboxAxles | Brakes | Hydraulics | Cabine | Body | Engine | Chassis

In case that our operator knows this kind information he will be able to quickly and reliably advise the correct spare part and make a quotation.

The best solution is to take and send us pictures. Take the photos of the identification label, of the old part you need to exchange and also of the picture of the place in the vehicle where the part is or should be installed.

Our golden rule says: „One picture or photo is better than thousands words!